The 'Kulasinghe - CPC" System of Prestressing which has been used to practically all Prestressed concrete structures in Sri Lanka since 1956.

System of Board Piling and cylinder sinking making pioneer use of Air-lift pump for core excavation and building up piles and cylinders by prcstressing hollow concrete cylinders together.

System of large diameter concrete piling developed in 1951 for the construction of port structures. This included a novel method of floating out

The Colombo Planetarium by night is indeed beautiful picture, a many splendoured thing. It was selected from amongst a number of pictures of Dr Kulasinghe's many spectacular achievements to adorn the front cover of this Felicitation. Volume.

large diameter cylindrical piles and sinking them with the use of a combination of percussion arid water jet for core excavation and air-lift for removal of the soil.

A reduction gear-box, which is very compact and capable of a very high reduction ratio with a good efficiency in transmission.

Developments in the use of rubber in the manufacture of various types of pumps ranging from large sand pumps for high resistance to abrasion, down to small pumps for domestic use where the use of rubber has resulted in economy and greater durability especially against wear and corrosion.

Peristaltic Pump using a rubber diaphragm instead of the rubber tube normally used. This results in a simple mechanism and also eliminates dependence on the spring back of the rubber tube for suction. This pump can be used conveniently for tube wells and similar locations where complete submergence is necessary.

Peristaltic pump which avoids the pinching roller running over the tube.

A completely new type of positive displacement pump using only rotary action which can be used for high pressure duties as in Hydrostatic systems for pumping water or for use as a compressor. This pump can also be worked as a motor with high-pressure oil or medium pressure water or compressed air. This has very high potential in hydrostatic transmission both high pressure and medium pressure and in the compressed air field.

A 4 ft. span corrugated clay-roofing tile.

A fluidic controlled pneumatic clay cutter for clay extruders.

A cheap machine for casting hollow floor slabs on the long line of prestressing. End product is similar to "Spiroll" slabs hut machine is cheaper in first cost and in maintenance.

Flexible inflatable rubber core for forming ducts for prestressed concrete, capable of bending into tendon profiles but avoiding wobble common with conventional inflatable cores.

Insulation boards, hardboard, etc. using coir fibre waste.

Cement bonded fibre sheets for cladding and roofing.

Structural members made of cement bonded coir fibre.

Heavy hydraulic presses constructed in prestressed concrete.

'Wirecon" a high strength concrete giving high flexural strengths for construction of electric over head travelling cranes etc.

"Wirecon' concrete boat hulls (different to "Ferro cement" of Nervi).

Simple crane crab giving inching, medium and high lifting speeds without change

Speed gearboxes or variable speed motors.

Manufacture of prestressed clay roof purlins.

Development of "Hydrokinetic" drives for powering winches, cutter, etc. in Cutter Suction Dredgers. This replaces electric or hydrostatic drives.

"Tetra-cyl - The development of a concrete armour block for the protection of breakwaters and coast protection works, etc.

Panels for water tanks using thin GRP membrane in tension.

New type of manhole cover for sewer manholes and cable manholes.


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